Essay on The United States Education System

1359 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
The United States once was once known as a great nation of knowledge from our education. Having the best Universities in which no other nation has ever experienced. As we attract some of the greatest minds across the world to enter the prestigious of our education system. We don’t bring in the same quality students when it comes our children. For many years now, the United States education system has been declining of great minds among our own students. When it comes to ranking the education within science, math, and writing among many industrial countries, we have entered the bottom of the list. The issue is not that we lack funds for our student’s education but rather something within the education system is preventing students from displaying their full potential. Understanding how the classroom is taking place will allow us to see why majority of students are not college ready.
The key to student’s success has always been contributed with well-qualified teachers. Teachers play a key role in the economy of every country as they help produce the next generation of adults who will enter the working fields from science to social science. As important as teachers are, the difference between a well-rounded teacher and non-rounded teacher can make a big impact on whether a student succeeds or not. It’s very critical that we as a country make sure that teachers are doing their job as they provide long lasting knowledge to our future nation. In this proposal, I ask that we…

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