The United States Economy During The Great Depression Essay

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In December of 2007, the United States economy took a devastating toll. Approximately eight million jobs were lost resulting in the highest unemployment rates witnessed since the Great Depression. This period of economic crisis is referred to as the Great Recession. Lower income families whom survived from paycheck-to-paycheck took on the greatest hardship considering for them a "tomorrow" is never certain. "[The United States has] recovered faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on Earth" (“Press Conference”). When Obama took office in 2009, the economic state ameliorated but the damage was already done. In the eyes of the world, jobs were lost and poverty rose, yet not many were aware of the behind the scenes impact it had on children. “As might be expected, children whose family suffered unfortunately are collateral damage. They are forced to mature and deal with the destitution of basic needs” (Ahmed 2). Their innocence and childhood are slowly stripped away as they grow up under those conditions with a premature place in the real world. Therefore, the economic recession expedites the development of children and teens in the aspect of abuse, long term personality alterations and student debt.

There is no doubt that taking anger and frustration out on people is a normal action. “However just because it is normal does not make it acceptable. As financial struggles augment parents tend to push off their stress onto their children. Adults may not…

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