The United States During The Cuban Revolution Essay examples

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The shape of modern day Cuban society is undoubtedly and irreversibly built on the goal of withstanding imperialistic advances from the United States. Since the end of the 19th century, the United States has attempted to shape Cuba into an expendable asset that helps drive the economical wagon of the most powerful nation on earth. In this paper I will discuss the imperialistic endeavours America subjected Cuba to prior to the Cuban Revolution, how biased and misinformed reporting on Cuba has helped shape a negative image of Cuba and discuss Cuba’s involvement in ending a war between South Africa and Angola as well as Namibia gaining its long fought for independence. Since the Cuban Revolution, public perception of Cuba has been one of a country ruled by a radical dictator spewing communist rhetoric, but under closer consideration, Cuba takes the shape of a country victimized by the imperial gains of a controlling superpower that is just doing what it has to do to survive as an independent state. After the end of the Cuban War of Independence (1895-1898), when citizens of Cuba thought they were finally free from the imperial whip that subjugated them to being second-class citizens under Spanish rule, the United States commenced a series of imperialistic endeavours that lasted until the end of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. Through political policies and business adventures, the United States showed time and time again from the beginning of the 19th century that one of its…

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