The United States Dissociation During The Holocaust Essay examples

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During the Holocaust, millions of Jewish people and others were brutally murdered and mistreated at the hands of German Nazis. Adolf Hitler 's anti-semitism practices led to the formation of what is known as the Nazi Party. The Nazi Party would send Jewish people to various camps including work camps and extermination camps. With millions of people dying for no reason, you would think that a country would take action and try to alter the events that are taking place. Instead, German refugees from Germany were denied access to Cuba but most importantly, The United States. This differs in the way The United States is handling a specific international crisis present day.
The United States dissociation during the Holocaust is highly criticised as for The United States gave virtually no effort to take appropriate action against the mass murderings of innocent Jewish people and other types of people. Many people were in dire need of the minimalist amount of help during the Holocaust but kept getting turned down by the fear of International issues or evolving issues. The United States recently started to get out of the worst economic collapse in the modern industrial world experienced, The Great Depression. The stock market crash in 1929 started a domino effect of horrible financial problems in the United States. Over 15 million americans became unemployed in the 11 years that the depression lasted. accepting refugees was not the top priority in America. It was feared that…

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