The United States Dependence On Foreign Countries Oil Imports

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Jeff Stahler creates cartoons that reflect on current events and also political issues. I believe that Stahler is trying to show how the past eight presidents have said that they would do something to fix the United States dependency on foreign countries oil imports. The U.S. oil dependency is a public issue due to the fact that it is an ongoing international problem. All of the political parties have talked about this regardless of their political party, which is really interesting. According to Zichal, Heather, in 2011, President Obama released the Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future which was his plan for the US imported oil. He included things such as: expand safe domestic oil, encourage more offshore exploration and production, and also increasing production of natural gas and biofuels. “Demand for oil in countries like China and India is only growing, and the price of oil will continue to rise with it. That’s why we need to make ourselves more secure and control our energy future by harnessing all of the resources that we have available and embracing a diverse energy portfolio.” The whole situation could be frustrating for the individuals that have been active in the government, especially because almost everyone uses oil in their daily lives whether it be simply for fuel or even asphalt. Johnson, Toni, and James McBride, created a timeline of the United States oil dependency. The U.S. began frequently using oil during the 1880’s and we have not really stopped using…

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