The United States Department Of Justice Essay examples

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In 1999, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) sued several major tobacco companies for fraudulent and unlawful conduct and reimbursement of tobacco-related medical expenses. The circuit court judge dismissed the DOJ’s claim for reimbursement, but allowed the DOJ to bring its claim under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). The DOJ then sued on the ground that the tobacco companies had engaged in a decades-long conspiracy to mislead the public about the risks of smoking, mislead the public about the danger of secondhand smoke; misrepresent the addictiveness of nicotine, manipulate the nicotine delivery of cigarettes, deceptively market cigarettes characterized as “light” or “low tar,” while knowing that those cigarettes were at least as hazardous as full flavored cigarettes, target the youth market; and not produce safer cigarettes. When the case reached the U.S. Court of Appeals, Judge Gladys Kessler signed a consent order to a settlement agreement that will require Philip Morris USA and its parent company, Altria Group, along with R.J. Reynolds, to pay $6.25 million to improve public access to the country’s largest online collection of internal tobacco industry documents, and to continue to release these documents through 2021 (United States v. Philip Morris, 1999).
This case helps support my research by how the tobacco company mislead the public about the risks of smoking and mislead the public about the dangers of secondhand smoke. It…

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