Essay on The United States Department Of Education

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There are many advantages to various national policies that are implemented by various departments of the federal government. The advantage here is efficiency and one department that does this well is the United States Department of Education. Through its policies upholding the 2015 Every Student Succeed Act, the US Department of Education is able to hold states accountable for the improvement of every student’s educational outcomes. According to Darrow (2016), The ESSA narrows the role of federal government and provides for more state- and district-led accountability, particularly in regard to testing. The United States Department of Education’s oversight of the policies outlined in the ESSA is efficient because the power is shared among federal, state and local government. This sharing of powers is efficient because it allows states to step in and problem solve on their own without creating a “one-size fits all” approach to law and policy making, which in turns creates more efficient approaches. Without this model, some states will become more efficient than others, creating more problems at the federal level. The policies implemented by the US Department of Education allow each state to come up with its own solutions, making government more efficient. To make federalism efficient multiple parties must work together to reach a common goal education is one that needs input from all levels of government and policies like the ones outlined in the ESSA do exactly that. One way…

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