The United States Defense Department Essay

1850 Words Nov 26th, 2014 8 Pages
Our military as of now is abysmal, we don’t even have giant planet destroying lasers, or military bases on the moon. There are many places to cut spending, and it’s impossible to name them all in this article. We need to spend more money on the military until we reach this point. Now how insane that sounds is just as crazy as our current military budget is, and rising. The United States Defense department is the most over funded program in the U.S. and has risen to unprecedented rates since World War II. The only reasonable reason for a steady increasing military budget is of warring states that with unstable economies. There are no significant wars that the U.S.A is in right now, so why do we have a military ready to fight Godzilla. There is a difference between being prepared and trying to be threatening. The government spends more money on military than the health and education system. We have the largest military in the world next to China and the question is why? Why should one country single-handedly have such a huge and expensive military? The US even spend more money on military than in improving the lives of the U.S. citizens. We have trillions of dollars that we owe and spending so much on our military won’t help that problem. There are reasonable ways to cut military spending that won’t hurt the economy like a quick drastic budget cut would, and with this making a military budget for the era we as a nation are in now. The military budget we have now would be…

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