Essay on The United States Declaration Of Independence

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The United States Declaration of Independence, written in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson, and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, written in 1789 by Marquis de Lafayette, are similar documents in comparison. Although they were written for different reasons, both documents were written to address many problems their people were faced with while emphasizing freedom and equality to each area. First of all, both countries used some type of assembly of men to assist in writing the Declarations--National Assembly in France (Declaration of the Rights of Man) and General Congress in America (Declaration of Independence). Without the consent of the governed, the government becomes a tyranny. Both documents stress the right and protection of property, equality under law, protection by law in all court cases, and regulating military forces. The Declaration of Independence wanted to completely cut off all ties with Britain. It basically reported all the crimes and abuses of power by King George and stated they wanted to be independent. Whereas the French Declaration of Rights of Men wanted to create a strong national government based off of the consent of the people. The main ideas of each document were influenced by the Enlightenment ideas of freedom: equality, freedom of speech, and legal fairness to all citizens. “All Men are Created Equal” (Declaration of Rights, Article 1; Declaration of Independence, first WE) can be found in both documents because the…

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