The United States Criminal Justice System Essay

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For anything to function smoothly and efficiently, it must follow a set of guidelines or have some sense of direction. For example, a machine would not work properly if its gears and levers didn’t all have a specific movement and purpose. The United States runs on the same principle; without some form of overall guidelines, such as laws for people to follow, our country would fall apart. Laws, however, are useless if people don 't follow them. Thus, bringing about the criminal justice system. The United States Criminal Justice System is society 's formal system of social control, an organization that response to criminal deviance and stands as a symbol to citizens the importance of following the laws and the inevitable consequences of breaking laws.
Jeffrey H. Reiman, author of The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Prison, makes a convincing argument that “the criminal justice systems real goal is the very reverse of its inevitable,” meaning the criminal justice system initially supports criminal behavior, or at the very least, is doing little to make any serious efforts in putting an end to criminal behavior among the poor communities. The author focuses on the inefficiency and inequalities within our criminal justice system. I support his claim that the initial failures of our criminal justice system benefit a number of the rich and powerful. He states that the criminal justice system has to fail “the fight against crime while making it look as if the serious crime is the…

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