Essay about The United States Criminal Justice System

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The United States criminal justice system is made up of two models that criminals face concerning the sentencing phase of the courts. The two are indeterminate model and the determinate model. When you look at both of these models there are advantages and disadvantage that effect not only society but the criminals that are to fulfill the path of the models. The sentencing in the indeterminate model is formatted for rehabilitation of the inmate through his/her positive action while incarcerated. This positive rehabilitation sets up the end result of being released from the sentencing imposed for the crime. The other area of the sentencing is the determinate model that is focused on sentencing all criminal sin the same manner in the criminal justice system. When society reviews the sentence models in the criminological theories each seams understandable until the review in the applications.
The definition of indeterminate sentencing is a criminal justice sentence imposed for a crime that is not given a definite duration that will be served. For example, the offender may be sentenced to thirty years to life in prison for a crime that they have committed with the possibility of parole. The amount of time the inmate must serve in the sentencing will be determined by the parole board. The parole date can be determined at a later date via the parole board. The Inmate will have the parole board hearing reviewing his/her rehabilitation progress. The parole board are members of…

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