Essay on The United States Criminal Justice System

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The criminal justice system as we know it today has changed from what it once was back in the 1700’s. The United States criminal justice system was indeed influenced from English law and customs, but history has revealed to maintain a growing and evolving system those individuals apart of that system have to adapt and change along with that system in order to tackle the growing issues of today.
The global weight of current issues like terrorism, technological advances, and globalization; these are just some of the concerns that will impact the criminal justice system not only within the United States, but also abroad on an international level as well. In this world, there will always be criminals and as we continue to evolve, so do criminal criminals. Criminals over the course of time evolve their methods to defraud the system, of course take advantage of those who are vulnerable.
As the evolution of crime continues, this trend will fall under three specific categories which are reducing the opportunity for crime, changing the motivation of people who commit crimes, and altering people’s fundamental values as this would include nurturing positive values in young children (Ritter, n.d.). These concepts are designed to minimize the likelihood of criminal behavior, thus increasing the percentage of the age group 30 and over substantially. If the criminal justice system continues to evolve with the criminals, the United States could see a drop of the particular age group of…

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