The United States Constitution Essay

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History is two-sided, which makes historians the lawyers of sociology. Each representative presents facts in order to persuade readers to believe their ideology. On June 21, 1788, the United States Constitution was ratified. This ratification would provide numerous points of debate for historians, for society was divided into two groups: the strict interpretationists and loose interpretationists. The division into two groups created two sides; therefore, ultimately creating a trivial subject for historians. The Constitution was a work of compromise, for delegates like James Madison and William Patterson worked together to create a system of government that satisfied almost everyone. In addition to the compromisation, the Constitution also dealt with the difficult subjects of its day. For example, the Constitution included Native Americans. According to the Constitution and surrounding treaties, Native Americans were regarded as savages who were undeserving of property. Between the ratification of the Constitution, and the end of the War of 1812, Americans grew to view Natives as obstacles to westward expansion, hazardous trading partners, and untrustworthy due to their alliance with Great Britain.
Although the term was not coined until the 1840s, America sought Manifest Destiny prior to the War of 1812. Citizens of the United States wanted to expand westward, for they did not know what was beyond the Mississippi River. However, they should have expected the area to be…

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