The United States Constitution And The American Economy Essay

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The United States Constitution was created to replace the weak Articles of Confederation. John Adams understood and was restrained from taking action to secure and enforce a commerce treaty with Britain in 1783. Even levying taxes seemed almost impossible as it took unanimous approval from all states to ratify laws. It took three years of waiting for Congress to abandon a tax of five percent on all imported goods which was blocked by Rhode Island. This was a common problem as Rakove points out that Congress had insufficient power to structure and maintain foreign policy. Protection of American goods was threatened by British goods making their way into American harbors and the restriction of American ships in the West Indies and British home lands. This greatly affected the American economy and its ability to create a market that favored America within its own borders
The United States Constitution is one of the most debated documents in the history of America. It has been picked apart selectively to determine the legality of many actions taken by our government and citizen alike. It may never be possible to know exactly what the framers sought to accomplish with every article written in the original Constitution but will always be debated as it was during its drafting and ratification. It can be said that the framers wanted an unbiased system of government built by the people and for the people. But it also must be made clear that even before its ratification…

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