The United States Civil War Essays

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When examining the history of the United States Civil War, there are three schools of thought: that the war was fought over states’ rights; that it was fought over the issue of slavery and its abolition; and that it was fought purely because two different societies had been created that could not peacefully life in the same country.
The school of thought that claims slavery is the cause of the Civil War believes the most straightforward explanation of the Civil War’s roots. It is the most commonly taught explanation for the Civil War.
Slavery can be seen as the most significant cause of the Civil War because of the abolitionist movement. The abolitionists began as a group in the 1830s and grew steadily, especially in the North. Several very famous people of different races were abolitionists, and published papers and books on why slavery needed to be stopped, whether through war or diplomacy. One such abolitionist was Frederick Douglass, a former slave who later exposed the brutality of slavery in his autobiography. He believed that a war would be the only way to truly end slavery. Another abolitionist was Lucretia Mott, who would later go on to establish a women’s rights campaign as well. She was a Quaker, and believed in trying to end slavery peacefully, but did want it ended for good. The abolitionist group as a whole did have an impact on the war. Abolitionists stirred up the people of the North against slavery, publishing books like Uncle Tom’s Cabin and The Narrative…

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