The United States ' Chocolate Essay

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With an ever strengthening global economy, here in California, we’re not strangers to the life of privileged consumption. Most of us have grown so accustomed to this reality that we frivolously go about our day to day lives without a question as to where the products that we’re purchasing are actually coming from. One example of this, is something as simple as the chocolate that is pumped into our extravagant Starbucks mocha. This is where things becomes critically important, because the vast majority of cocoa that goes into making our chocolate products, actually comes from overseas. In fact, there is a dark side to chocolate that most people are completely unaware of. At the root of this darkness lies a reality that can shatter through to the heart of even the most oblivious of consumers. Most of the United States’ chocolate comes from cocoa plantations that are located in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire in Africa. This is a market that is driven by child labor. When I set out to do my research on this topic, I was searching for answers in regards to child slavery on cocoa plantations. I wanted to understand how something of this nature could still be such a prominent issue in the world today. However, what I gained was not just a simple answer, but rather a changed perspective. I learned a respect for the bigger picture, and an understanding of a greater issue. Child labor is by no means limited to Africa or the cocoa industry. Though the topic of child labor, and unethical…

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