Essay about The United States Border With Mexico

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I. Introduction

A. The United States Border with Mexico is nearly a couple thousand miles long spanning from California to Texas. The barrier systems along the border vary greatly. Some areas of the Southern Border are only marked with a sign; In the urban areas, these barriers may be doubled to include a "Secondary" barrier with a empty space in between. In some of the more violent areas populated by violent gangs or drug cartels, the barrier has been improved with a third obstacle - usually another fence. The U.S.-Mexico border was supposed to have been essentially walled off by now; Congress voted to build a fence along the entire Southern Border, and construction began during the Bush administration. But subsequent congresses have removed funding for the effort. To make our country safer, we need to begin by building a secure border, and providing border patrol agents with the appropriate technology to effectively do their job.

B. Although some may claim a Southern Border is highly expensive to construct, a Southern border along the United States should be in place to stop illegal immigration, toxic drug trafficking, and to put an end to the millions of lost income tax revenue. II. Mexican Drug War
A. Mexico is the main transit route to smuggle into the U.S.

1. Drug Trafficking became a concern in the 1920’s and 1930’s
When World War 2 cut off traditional drug sources, traffickers began looking at Mexico for new sources of supply.
2. U.S. and…

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