The United States Becoming A World Power Essay

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When one decides to embark on the general study of the history of the United States becoming a world power, the primary topics typically consist of the Spanish-American War, the Cold War, and America’s participation in both World Wars. While these wars indeed augmented America’s status as a world power, often many focus on the land battles and neglect war at sea. However, war at sea had an influential role in the formation of American history. In battles at sea, opportunities to demonstrate leadership, improve technology, and struggle with chance arise. The outcome of the wars at sea determine a nation’s sea power. Mahan was the first to coin this term and defines it as a country’s ability to utilize the seas in order to combat enemies. When a nation is capable of using the sea for their own purpose, they become a greater world power. One can observe the effect that sea power has on a nation’s standing through the events of the Battle of Midway.
Prior to the Japanese and United States engaging in war, Japan was the strongest naval power in the Pacific. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 with the intention of destroying the American naval fleet and eliminating the United States as a threat in the Pacific Ocean. When the bombing was ultimately unsuccessful, the Japanese needed a new plan to lure the American carriers out of the harbor into deeper seas. The carriers were the only threat standing between the Japanese and their total rule of the South West…

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