The United States Becoming A Multicultural Country Essay

808 Words Oct 27th, 2016 4 Pages
America has always been the country where immigrants come for a better life. Our country’s society has constantly been changing as more and more people come here from different walks of life. There has been a rise in the attention given to immigrants and the cultural changes in America lately. Multiculturalization and racial diversity can be both beneficial and harmful to our society today. Language is one of the biggest effects of the United States becoming a multicultural country. I go to school with people that are bilingual and some of the time they speak in their native language and I can 't understand them. Depending on where you live and how you were raised, personal reactions may vary. Some people get angry when they can’t understand another language, while others are fine with it. When I was younger, my best friend’s mom couldn’t speak English, but now she has learned a lot and is capable of communicating with me much more than before. My mom is trying to learn Spanish, not only to understand her students, but also to communicate with their parents. More and more people are learning new languages to communicate with other individuals in their communities. Spanish is the most prevalent language in Texas beside English, however, there are many other languages being introduced into American society. No matter where you grow up, you will have differences of opinion with the people around you; whether it be friends, family or strangers. Just because you have a…

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