The United States As A Nation Of Opportunities Essay

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The United Sates was founded as a nation of opportunities, and one of those opportunities was adhering land something that every new immigrant took advantage during the colonial and pioneer times. Unlike Britain where land was a scarce in the United States it was vast and varied, and each region attracted people from similar geographical regions found in their mother country. Once these people have settled they created a personality unique to that area. Unlike white Americans I cannot go through censuses of the United States to see where my ancestors have lived at. My direct family has only experienced the Pacific Realm in California and the Plains of Texas.
The first region of the United States I experienced was the Pacific Realm more specifically The Golden State, California. My parents migrated to the United States to have more opportunities and the first state they went into was California in the early 1990 's. Similar to the Hispanic community my parents migrated to a communal where the Hispanic culture was within the majority and in California that style of communal is found in the southern cities due to their proximity to Mexico. My parents decided to settle in Orange County, a county with a Hispanic influence and one of the most populous of California due to its four large cities of Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, and Huntington Beach, which make part of the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim Metropolitan area. The want to adhere land in California was not a pull factor for…

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