Essay on The United States Army Airforce

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The United States Army Airforce was an integral part of finally putting an end to the Second World War. Japan’s unconditional surrender in August of 1945 was a joint effort by multiple countries. However, in the end it was 2 Army Airforce B-29 bombers that delivered the final blows of WWII when they dropped the first 2 combat atomic bombs. Those historic aircraft were named the Enola Gay, and Bockscar. At the end of the 1930’s, leaders of the US Army Air Corps learned quickly that the capabilities of their current bombers were not enough to accomplish the mission. They required newer aircraft with more advanced capabilities. Their request was a bomber that could fly further distances at greater speed than the B-17, and carry a much larger payload, exceeding 2000lbs. Built under a program designated as “Silverplate”, the B-29 Super Fortress bomber manufactured by Boeing started production in the early 1940’s. At the time, it was considered the most advanced propeller driven bomber in the US Army Airforce inventory. Eventually the aircraft originally designated as Victor 82 (V-82), would be selected to fly the mission that would drop the first ever atomic bomb in a combat mission. The pilot Paul Tibbits, had decided to rename the aircraft the Enola Gay, after his mother, even though the usual pilot Robert A. Lewis objected to the name change. At the same time the new B-29 bombers were being created, the Manhattan Project was in full swing, so the Army also…

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