The United States Are Becoming A Popular With Today 's College Students

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According to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the United States is ranked 17th in the world in education. The United States fall behind those of China and India in all areas, “ China and India will eat America 's lunch” state 's Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Diane Ravitch in the New York Journal. Many believe that the way to excell the way China and India do is to focus primarily on the STEM subjects but that is not the case. Globally there have been many advancements in science and technology in which the United States students are behind, but in order to make the United States competitive again educators must understand that STEM subjects and outside science subjects work individually as well as influencing each other to excel in ranking of education.
STEM jobs and majors are becoming a popular with today’s college students. Over the past couple decades STEM subjects are being emphasized more than ever to try and persuade students to work in these types of jobs. The reason for this to move society in the United States to a higher ranking of professionalism . Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Diane Ravitch’s, Not By Geeks Alone, in the New York Journal states that Congress has passed a bill that “will substantially increase government funding for science, technology, engineering and math.” The act that the government is endorsing the STEM subject validates the belief that with the more money students will be able to learn faster and more effectively. This is…

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