The United States And World War I Essay

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With the year 1917 coming into it’s own a chain of events such as Germany 's refusal of a sense of submarine warfare and the Zimmerman Telegram, one decision on December Seventh 1917 would bring a new superpower to be recognized as the dominate fighting force. Dominating through alliance, economic means or political made no difference when the United States would decide to join World War One. With Documents and Declarations as the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary the US expressed its diswant to get involved in european conflicts. Hower reluctant in the beginning the United States has an ear to every conflict the world has to offer. The United States call and response to conflict famously or infamously have always seen an end to war in an attempt to establish a peaceful solution.
At what point had the call been made for US intervention in World War One? Was the Sinking of the Lusitania the Call, or the Zimmerman Telegram in March of 1917, Had it been the amount of death in europe that had be a result of a simple playground brawl? Regardless of the true deciding factor the United States would bring itself to war with the Central Powers of Germany Austria-Hungary and Turkey. In response to the German at US NAtional Security, The United States would send troops to europe to fight along the side Allies in an attempt to stop Germany and their forces. With the United States successful response In World War 1 Woodrow Wilson would bring a proposal of peace separation…

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