Essay about The United States And The Ussr

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The United States and the USSR had very different founding principles. The 1950’s Red Scare evolved out of the Cold War between the USSR and the USA. The Red Scare was an exchange of fear and paranoia revolving around communism, resulting in today’s intensely capitalist America. During the Red Scare the fear of communism morphed into a fear of an increasingly liberal environment which politicians used to advance their careers and corporations used to advance their wealth.

With the end of World War II and the drastic rise in the population, the United States was returning to a state of prosperity while President Truman was in office. The American family grew during Truman’s administration because of the war’s end. Many young men were coming home from battle. This meant new families with men looking to support these families. This growth made big change in labor for the nation, which aided a left wing view on labor relations.

Truman was an advocate for the working man 's values. Even so, a predominantly conservative Congress engaged an attack on worker’s rights and liberalism during the Truman administration. This congress was described as being “ filled with conservative corporate barons” by Professor Richard H. Pells, a specialist in 20th Century American cultural history. “In September 1945, Truman presented to Congress a lengthy and rambling twenty-one point message that nonetheless attempted to set the post-war political and economic agenda. Truman called for new…

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