Essay on The United States And The Syrian Civil War

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The other week, I saw something weird on Wikipedia. No, it wasn’t a list of animals with fraudulent diplomas. It was the wiki page for the Syrian civil war. In the infobox, the article noted the five-year long conflict was “part of the Arab Spring, the Arab Winter, the spillover of the Iraqi Civil War, Iran–Saudi Arabia proxy conflict, and Cold War II”.
“Cold War II!?” I thought to myself. Sure, things are pretty sketchy on the world stage, but I didn’t really think we were declaring the start of a new global war quite yet. I also thought I would have heard about it. Sure enough, the actual article on Cold War II is basically a summary of a few sources that describe the tensions between the US/NATO and a new Eastern Bloc, headed by Russia or China (whoever seems more dangerous at the time, I guess) as a new cold war.
The use of the term in the infobox soon attracted the eye of the ever enthusiastic wiki editors, with one user named Albrecht declaring that the Wikipedia should not be “consecrating/legitimising the pseudo-concepts spawned by our notoriously impoverished clickbait culture” and that the term should be removed. Indeed, Albrecht! So it was decided that the Syrian civil war wasn’t really a part of Cold War II, and that Cold War II isn’t really a thing.
It’s worth pointing out that this term and the idea of our contemporary world resembling a Cold War split between two superpowers hasn’t made much of an impact in the international relations/geopolitical analysis…

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