The United States And The Economy Essay example

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The United States has an intricate economy. Many factors must come together to form that full picture that is the economy. Examples of such components include taxes, government instituted welfare programs, environment protection, military spending, and international trade policies. These are the major categories that affect the United States’ economy. Since they do have an effect of the economy, changes in how taxes are determined, welfare programs conducted, the amount of environmental protection expected, funds spent on the military, and the policies made on international trade can change the economy for a better. The citizens of a country prosper when the economy does so it is paramount for the government to do all that it can to improve its economy.
Taxes are the fundamental income for this country. Unfortunately, they can also be very confusing to the people paying them. With all the brackets and tax exceptions, filing taxes has grown into being more than the average citizen can handle on their own. The tax code is now up to 73,950 pages, and something needs done (Goodman). A switch a flat tax rate should be made by the United States. This would create a simpler and fairer tax system. A household would just owe a certain percentage of their income. Percentages that have suggested are seventeen percent or fourteen percent of income (LaPonsie). Citizens could better prepare financially due to the simplicity of the system. It would be easier for them to understand what…

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