The United States And The Constitution Of The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Guarantee A Student 's Freedom Of Speech

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2. Both the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania guarantee a student’s freedom of speech. Schools may not censor or restrict material simply because it is critical of the school or of its administration. There are four justifications for student censorship that come from the court cases of Tinker (disruption), Morse (illegal drug use), Fraser (vulgar), and Hazelwood (only school-sponsored, non-public forum student expression, when the censorship is viewpoint neutral and is based on a reasonable educational justification) (

Student’s records are protected under FERPA and parents/eligible students have the right to request inspect and review the education records maintained by the school. Schools do not have to provide copies of the records unless, it is impossible for parents/eligible students to review the records and then the school may charge a fee for the copies. Schools may disclose, without consent, “directory” information as long as parents are told about the directory and are given reasonable time to request that their information not be included.

Information received in confidence from a student may be revealed to the student’s parents or guardians, the principal or other appropriate authority when the health, welfare or safety of the student or other persons is clearly in jeopardy.

All health records are confidential and their contents shall be…

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