The United States And The Cold War Essay

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In 1946, Canada gave political asylum to Igor Gouzenko, a soviet sipher clerk responsible for stealing 109 documents, which proved soviet spies were operating in Canada and the United States. Gouzenko’s actions arguably began this period of tension between the Americas and the Soviet Union, now known as the Cold War. When Canada accepted Gouzenko’s claims against the Soviet’s as reality, we launched ourselves into the Cold War. Although the majority of the conflict was between the United States and the Soviet Union, Canada became involved through participation in the Korean War, the Suez Canal crisis as well as the United Nation’s (UN) peace promotion, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In addition to that, Canada was unexpectedly driven into the Cold War from the very beginning when Gouzenko exposed the Soviet spy circles operating not only in America, but Canada as well. Initially, Canada was brought into the Cold War an unwilling participant. Though Canada was at times influenced by the United States, it cannot be said that Canadians were involved only as pawns of a more powerful nation, often accepting important roles in both peacekeeping and defence. Due to our militarization, peacekeeping efforts and the unfortunate spy scandal exposure, Canada was not only involved in the Cold War, but a key participant.

In 1945, after years of war, Canada was finally enjoying its peace and further prosperity. Hence why there was an initial lack of response when…

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