The United States And The Civil War Essay

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The 1800’s were plagued with conflict regarding the issue of slavery. The two different opinions of the North and South in regards to slavery, states’ rights, and expansion caused the regional Civil War within the United States (1861-65). Threatened by the presidential election of anti-slavery Abraham Lincoln in 1860, deep southern states seceded from the United States to form the Confederacy. Four years of war between the states devastated the North, South and led to further conflict regarding slavery. Although the outcome of the war in 1865 was in favor of ending slavery and granting freedom to blacks, not all was granted that easy. Thus, this essay accesses the downfall of slavery through events prior to the Civil War, during the Civil War, and after the Civil War. Prior to the Civil War, the United States was divided into two factions: The North and South. The Northern States were dominated by successful industries and manufacturing. The Southern states on the other hand, were based on an economy that was not as well established, cotton. Farmers relied on black slaves to harvest cotton as they offered inexpensive labor. Growing popularity for the abolitionism of slavery in the 1830’s caused many southerners to fear for the demise of their agricultural economy. Southerners defended slavery by claiming that slaves were incompetent of surviving on their own and that they would overrun political seats and other jobs. Southerners even used the constitution to justify slavery…

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