Essay on The United States And The Civil Rights Movement

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Ever Since the United States was founded in the 18th century; Americans have represented them selves not only by their religious and ethnic identity but also by the individual freedom they deserve and common everyday rights. The United States of America has been through history for more than two hundred years and has changed a ton ever since the Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4th in the year of 1776. America has over came a long journey with many bumps in the road but the cause was something that needed to be fought for. As times altered so did America, The Declaration of Independence states, “all men are created equal”, but this wasn’t always the case before the Civil Rights movement and other organizations took place. What was needed for this union to keep it was viewed very differently in the past; the need to a strong and stable government was looked down upon. The superior demand for change and new responses grow stronger as time goes by. A Mandatory citizenship and commitment to maintain individual freedom was required. America accumulated a very large amount of discrimination against religion, race, and even gender (this would be now known as sexism). While America has changed throughout history, American citizens have also changed. History proves to us that, although all men are created equal, it hasn’t always been this way even though American people owned unalienable rights, not everybody carried justice and equality around on their shoulders. The…

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