The United States And The Amendment Of The Constitution Essay

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Ever since the Internet has risen to popularity, a vast amount of the world subject to this advancement has lived in umbrage of their intrusive governments potentially spying on their every move. Particularly in the United States, our privacy is specifically protected by the fourth amendment of the Constitution. Though this, by law, is set in stone, the government often finds loopholes, or rather, takes blatantly illegal actions for their own benefit – So does the United States government really guard their citizens ' right to privacy, or does it do the exact opposite? No actions are ever taken without reasoning. With three branches to the government having such particular occupations, the general population tends to believe that the government 's design is infallible; however, this is not nearly the case. In theory, the Supreme Court should be able to nullify decisions carried out and enforced by the executive branch, but in reality their job is not entirely as fulfilled as the Constitution has it laid out. The judicial branch deems the constitutionality of situations, which means that any violation of the Constitution by the government is subject to major interrogation. Why, then, have actions taken by our government gone undetected by the regulations that have been set in stone for so many years? By law of the fourth amendment, the Constitution states that unreasonable search and seizure is illegal under any circumstance. Under this amendment, we are guaranteed privacy…

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