The United States And Soviet Union Essay

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Truman is holding a sheet of paper that reads, “The 12 Points”. These 12 points of foreign policy were said by President Truman at the Navy Day Celebration in New York City. This constant struggle for power between the United States and Soviet Union became more evident when the US introduced the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan, introduced by the United States in 1948, was a project put in place to help Eastern European countries following the Second World War. The Soviet Union obviously opposed this plan because the US would be portrayed as “the good guys” to the Eastern Europeans. In 1948, Eastern Europe was still communist, and the Soviets wanted to keep their influence in this region. “In the following weeks, the Soviet Union pressured its Eastern European allies to reject all Marshall Plan assistance. That pressure was successful and none of the Soviet satellites participated in the Marshall Plan. The Soviet press claimed that the American program was ‘a plan for interference in the domestic affairs of other countries.’ The United States ignored the Soviet action and, in 1948, officially established the Marshall Plan and began providing funds to other European nations” (25). The Soviet Union rejected the Marshall Plan because the Soviets wanted to keep their power in Eastern Europe. The US decided to overpower the Soviets and aid Europe anyway. This American mentality of not backing down to anyone created more psychological power for the US and created more spheres of…

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