The United States And Mexico Essay

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The United States and Mexico, Which is Best? People have to struggle in order to succeed in life. What people don 't know is that the place where one settles and lives in has much to do with how difficult their life will be, for instance, living in the UK is not be the same as living in Africa or Haiti. People think that living either in Mexico or the Unites States is really no different than the other. Those who say that is either because they 've never experienced what life in Mexico really is or they either just don 't know what they 're saying, in fact, the difference between the two is really something we can argue about. People living in Mexico have great disadvantage over those living in the United States.
For example, for one to be able to ever buy something in life, one must first obtain money, to do so, people go ahead and look for a good paying job. In Mexico, many people have to go through this process over and over again because the job opportunities in Mexico are pretty low. Many Mexicans have to pay for their school and take a long time to earn their degree, most of them end up not accomplishing this for many reasons such as lack of money or the necessity of getting a job, not giving them time to even go to school. Those who actually finish their career and get a diploma also end up struggling finding a job because there is just so many people and not enough jobs for all. Here in the United States, getting a job is a whole lot easier. First, almost everyone…

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