Essay about The United States And Human Rights Violations

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I argue that the United States fails to encompass moral values by supporting anti-democratic ideals so that they can increase their militaristic presence and protect economic interests in the world. Since the last century, the U.S has used the power of evil governments to slightly expand the presence of their military and ensure the safety of commercial interests. From Cuba in the early 20th century to numerous Middle Eastern countries in the 21st century, the case has been evident that the U.S. will overlook various human rights violations just for an additional military base or for the profits of a company. The claim is made that the United States should look out for itself and act in ways that improve the American society. The U.S. has lost its moral values by supporting these unethical values. This country is founded on democratic principles, yet they support governments and policies that are the antithesis of democracy. This country must stop allowing ideals and values that are against core U.S. values.
United States and Manifest Destiny To begin with, since the dawn of this country’s history it has appeared apparent that the U.S. believes it has an obligation with being in foreign lands for its own interests. From Libya in the early 1800’s, Mexico in the mid-1800’s, and the rest of Latin America in the 1900’s. The greatest reasons spur from either manifest destiny, the thought that it is the country’s moral right to expand. These reasons have had a positive impact on…

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