Essay about The United States And Foreign Policy

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Preserving and strengthening the position of the United States when it makes treaties or sends ambassadors abroad is practicing foreign policy. The United States is an independent and sovereign country that requires the protection of that sovereignty as the priority duty of its foreign policy. The Constitution created the institutions to serve “the separate and equal station to which the Law of Nature and of Nature’s God entitles them” (Declaration of Independence of the U.S) as the central purpose which is more important than all other purposes. At the same time, as a sovereign country, all states in America have to satisfy all the standards in order not to hurt the legitimacy of claims to sovereignty. Given this fact, the responsibility of making foreign policy is a paramount and essential task.
Within the federal government, making foreign policy power are divided between the President and Congress as they share authorities over the treaties’ making and diplomatic recognition in other countries. Both of them have rights to launch and adjust foreign policy as well as interact with each other without end throughout the life of a policy. The U.S Political is well known as checks and balances system, so that the roles of both branches are equally important but often interweave to each other since making an effective foreign policy is an elaborate process. Even though the power of the President is not unlimited, he is the chief diplomat of the nation who has the dominant…

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