The United States And Early Foreign Affairs Essay

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The United States and Early Foreign Affairs July 4, 1776, was the day United States became independent, an official country, and began to gain and seek independence from Europe. We often regard it as a day of fireworks, a day off of work, food, fun, alcohol, and celebration, but it was and is much more…“Before the Revolution of 1776 America had been merely a collection of disparate British colonies composed of some two million subjects huddled along a narrow strip of the Atlantic coast – European outposts whose cultural focus was still London, the metropolitan center of the empire” (Wood, 3). The young United States pursued admiration from European countries, such as England, Spain, and France, in order to establish independence through social, economic, and political foreign affairs. The young United States in the 1600s, merely just discovered, were a minor portion of a worldwide power struggle between European countries such as England and France. At the time, France was the central ruler on the European continent, developing from the Thirty Years War. “LOUIS XIV, the Sun King, built a palace at Versailles that made him the envy of every European monarch. French language, art, and literature prevailed on the continent” (“America’s Place in the Global Struggle”). At the time, England was in the midst of the only domestic war in its history. As the century came to an end, England was beginning to take over the New World.
The century leading up to American independence…

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