Essay on The United States And Early Colonial History

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Creating the United States was not easy from the start, but instead it took much developing to become what it is today. There were many factors that helped this nation grow from just the original settlers that discovered America. Some of these issues were more monumental than others, such as the political problems we faced in the beginning. Political conflict could easily be named the largest problem in early colonial history. Early colonists had to learn from older governments and face the British in order to create a society and to make that society a freer place to live in. There were many sacrifices made in order to develop the colonies and then to create a new nation from these original colonies. These sacrifices helped shape this nation in ways that we still see today. Before contact with the America’s many European countries were battling to have the most pristine country of all. Europe at this time was struggling with population loss from the Black Death and famine. Meanwhile the Native Americans, who were thought to be primitive and underdeveloped, inhabited the Americas. This started the Age of Exploration and soon the French, the Spanish, and the British all had control of parts of the New World. This brought people from all over the world to the Americas giving us the melting pot nickname. Britain, however, was motivated by settlement, which helped them establish a more distinct presence in the New World. The population had grown so immensely that…

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