Essay on The United States And Cuba

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The United States and Cuba have suffered through an extremely long and difficult relationship over the past 55 years. The conflict arose due to many political and economic differences between the two countries, as well as the actions taken by Fidel Castro. The difficulties ultimately resulted in the United States placing an embargo on Cuba around 1960. Fortunately, these broken ties may be on the path to reconciliation, as President Obama and leader of Cuba, Raul Castro, are working to heal their diplomatic relations. The switch in power from Fidel Castro to Raul may have been the ultimate turning point for both countries. The current status of the relations between the United States and Cuba is still a work in-process, but the recent major breakthroughs between them is definitely positive. With Raul Castro leading Cuba, the United States has lost some of its hostility towards the country. President Barack Obama met with Raul Castro in April (US-Cuba). This meeting marked the, “first meeting between a U.S and Cuban head of state since the two countries severed their ties in 1961”(US - Cuba) and clearly demonstrated the two countries interest in making an effort to end the embargo, and reestablish trading. The meeting was later followed by several prisoner swaps. The United States released three of the Cuban Five, while in return, Cuba released Rolando Sarraff Trujillo, a spy who leaked information to the CIA (US-Cuba). The Cuban Five are “a…

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