The United States And America Essay

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Some say They United States is the best country in the world, unchallenged by other countries the USA is an innovated country full of diverse cultures and lifestyles. Not only that there are many large corporations founded in the United States with some of the riches CEO’s in the world. In a typical town. millions of $600 phones can be seen carried by numerous people. Most which have nice cars, houses and a safe job. As America grows so does the people living under the poverty level. Poverty and the amount of people becoming homeless has become a huge problem in the USA. Currently the number of those living in poverty is 46.5 million some which are also homeless. The USA being as successful as it, has so much to offer to the world, why not implement some to it own country? Many foundations and charities have already opened their arms to the ones in need suffering from poverty and homelessness but there’s so much more that could be done. That’s why the American government should attempt to lower the rate of poverty and homelessness by contributing more money and resources to the ones in need. The U.S could start by providing necessary resources to the ones in need. Providing would then help lower the rate of those living in poverty. Food is wasted every single day “In the USA, 30-40% of the food supply is wasted, equaling more than 20 pounds of food per person per month”(UNEP). Restaurants and fast food branches are food wasters because instead of donating food or giving…

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