Essay on The United States : An Authoritarian Regime

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For many years, the U.S has been known to be a country that thrives on democracy. In other words, the U.S most closely resembles a democratic regime. However, many now believe this to be false. The U.S is now being viewed an authoritarian regime. The U.S. still possesses democratic ideals. It does not possess any aspect of an authoritarian regime.

Democratic Regimes
Regimes are much more complex than states and governments. Regimes are often perceived in a negative way. When one hear the word “regime” nowadays, the first thing they probably comes to their mind is Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany does display what regime is. Because of this very famous example, it is easy for us to perceive regimes as a negative concept. Even though Nazi Germany does display a regime, it displays only a specific type of regime.Just as there are three different roles for a state to play, there are also three different types of regimes, which are democracy, totalitarian, and authoritarian.Democratic regimes are best formulated as “certain rules, uncertain outcomes.” Elements of a democratic regime include things such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, right to habeas corpus, etc. Many countries began adopting the ideals of a democracy starting in 1828. The adoption of democracy became more prominent after World War II due to the amount of newly independent countries. Such countries include Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Estonia, Latvia,…

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