The United States : A Culturally Diverse, Melting Pot Of Immigrants

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The United States: A culturally diverse, melting pot of immigrants. Throughout the decades of evolutionary advancement, society progressed in a plethora of movements and ideologies. It would appear to the ignorant eye that roughly since the 1920s, America has been precocious. This in and of itself is false; not completely false, however, when contrasting the constraints of sexism at the time of the 1920s with 2016, the lack of difference is appalling. New York City, 1920, the jazz age loomed and rose with its freshness impacting the definition of the Flapper, and how it defined women. Hemlines shortened, dresses flaunted glitz and glamour, hair was bobbed, and cosmetics were beginning to lose their clandestine status; women were experiencing liberation through the ability of having a voice, a right to vote, and from shedding the suppressing image of being completely covered. What Flappers personified was edgy and inspiring. In addition, women in the corporate work environment were becoming a common and acceptable occurrence. Following closely alongside with aesthetic freedom was sexual laxity; the vast amount of parties and social events, despite socioeconomic differences, were the sparks, excitements, and catalysts of becoming intimately involved with fellow attendees, and with the rise of the automobile industry, the game of dating changed. No longer did youthful men and women have to awkwardly sit at the family table, discussing how or why they know of each other…

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