Essay about The United State 's Second Amendment

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Having the right to bear arms is regulated from country to country, but the two countries that show the most impact in a negative and a positive way is the United States and Japan. The United State 's second amendment allows for citizens to posses weapons in a less strictly manner than the strict laws put upon on Japan 's citizens. Living in the United States there isn 't a minimum legal age to purchase a long gun firearm, or ammunition. But living in Japan you must be a minimum of 18 years of age then also go through numerous mental and physical testing. But looking at both countries statistics will foresee the gratitude of their decision. The United States of America is an exceptional country, especially when looking at their laws for obtaining a weapon as for living in Japan and obtaining a weapon. The United States federal law doesn 't have a minimum age for obtaining a long arm rifle or shotgun along with ammunition according to, while purchasing a handgun you must be a minimum of 21. According to "POINT BLANK: GUNS AND VIOLENCE IN AMERICA (Aldine de Gruyter)", "Each year about 1500-2800 criminals are lawfully killed by gun-wielding American civilians in justifiable or excusable homicides, far more than are killed by police officers." Allowing to posses firearms in ones home allows safety to become more real and not just a delusion of safety. Aldine de Gruyter also states, "There are perhaps 600,000-1 million defensive uses of guns each year, about…

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