The United State 's Generous Welfare Programs Essay

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November 23, 2015, a crowd in Columbus, Ohio chants “Build a Wall” as current president elect Donald Trump stands as a towering monument in the center of the tune. With Inauguration Day briskly approaching, the possibility of a tangible barrier across the southern border increases tremendously. However, constructing a concrete barrier as the president elect desires to formulate proves not as simple as it sounds. Both Republicans and Democrats alike voice their concerns of a wall, ranging from an unclear economic impact to the possible humanitarian crisis. Republicans who provide support for Mr. Trump’s plan say that a wall strengthens national identity, citizen’s overall safety, and prevents illegal immigrants from manipulating the United State’s generous welfare programs. Contrarily, opposing Democrats point out how a wall separates families, encourages fear of immigrants, and would severely injure a nation’s identity. Environmental experts predict that a physical structure will impede the regular migration of animals and transpose normal water flow if not constructed properly. As with every extensively complex issue, voters instill trust into their elected officials to handle this divisive and sensitive controversy. In order to accomplish an outcome which appeases the majority of citizens in the long run, politicians must ponder the possible environmental effects, economic impact, and political fallout from erecting a wall along the southern border.
As the chance for a…

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