The United State ( U.s. Essay

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The United State (U.S.) government has a very active International Affairs. The International Affair’s concerns are not restricted to the United States but to the entire world (International Affairs, 2014). Many times, the U.S. is not welcomed and is consider interfering in matters that does not concern us. There are American people that agree with the citizens in foreign counties that the U.S. should not be involved in issues outside of the U.S. Is our involvement in International Affairs sincere or is it just so we can be seen and heard? The International Affairs goal is to develop a good relationship between the people of the U.S., foreign countries, leaders and citizens. Establish peace, fair trade agreements, and prevent or end wars and conflicts. This is not an easy challenge. With the many challenges that occur right, here in the United States why is there a need to venture outside our borders? An example, is that dreadful day of 9/11, when the United States was attacked on home soil, how could that happen? This day will be talked about like Pearl Harbor for years. Where or what were you doing when these attacks occurred? I know I was not born at the time of Pearl Harbor; however, I can tell you what many of my family members were doing. Example my dad was buy his “wedding suit” when he heard the announcement. On 9/11, I was being released from a hospital following a surgery and the surgeon’s son had made his arrival. If the United States…

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