The United Nations ( Un ) Essay

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The United Nations (UN) was established in 1945 to promote global peace and international cooperation. It replaced the League of Nations which was deemed as ineffective since it failed to prevent the Second World War. The organization enjoys a membership of 193 nations with the privilege to operate extraterritoriality. The UN also ensures that human rights of member states are not violated in any way. To ensure that the body achieves the task, UN has established a global structure that oversee human rights preservation. Through non-binding declarations and treaties that are legally binding, the UN ensures member states express and demonstrate reasonable efforts in maintaining and upholding human rights . The definition of rights by the UN is cautious and considerate; member states have different economic, political, religious and social cultural backgrounds all influencing their perception of human rights. The diversity also implies that interpretation of what is perceived as human rights violations differs across different states.
Political set ups are used to define sovereignty, which in political theory, designates supreme authority over a state. Consequently, the state or the body mandated with governance has the full right and power to govern within the boundaries of the state with absolutely no interference from outsiders. The UN as earlier highlighted acts extraterritoriality, however, when faced with the hurdle of sovereignty, the mandate to exercise oversight on…

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