The United Nations Security Council Essay

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The United Nations Security Council is one of the six main organizations within the United Nations. Additional organizations within the United Nations are the General Assembly, The International Court of Justice, The United Nations Secretariat and The United Nations Economic and Social Council. Of the six organizations, only the Security Council is capable of imposing policies and sanctions on other members of the United Nations. Having this capability, they can decide to declare new policies and accept new members into the United Nations. Is the United Nations Security Council a discourse community by allowing or not allowing members in and deciding policies that affect the entire United Nations?
The formation of the United Nations was at the end of World War two in replacement of the League of Nations. The victors of the war were Russia, China, United Kingdom, France, and the United States. These countries got to create the new world and give themselves the power on the Security Council with permanent seats and veto power (Duedney). Advantages of having these positions are that they don’t have to compete for seats like other countries and because of the veto power they can remove any discussion or proposal away from having a vote (Duedney). This gives very few countries strong political power with influence over the entire world (Duedney). This is a limiting factor for this discourse community if the experienced members of the community limit what can be addressed and…

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