The United Nations Millennium Campaign Essay

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As part of the United Nations Millennium Campaign, world activists proposed a measure to “[a]chieve, by 2015, universal access to reproductive health” (“Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health” 1). However, 2015 has passed, and “only half of pregnant women receive the recommended amount of antenatal care” (“Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health” 1). This lack of access to proper reproductive health, particularly in developing countries, remains a pressing issue in need of immediate attention not only to empower women by providing them with the basic right to control their bodies but also to preclude the threatening implications that could potentially result from this lack of control. One such consequence, which remains inevitable as long as reproductive health is widely inaccessible, is oversized families—and, ultimately, overpopulation. Without adequate resources to regulate the timing and quantity of children, women have limited control over the size of their families, which they prefer to be smaller but cannot control because of “the ‘unmet need for contraception’” (DaVanzo and Adamson 4). For example, in Africa, one of the major developing regions in the world, a woman has an average of six children in her lifetime, alarmingly greater than the rate of growth necessary to maintain a population’s stability, 2.1 children per woman (DaVanzo and Adamson 3). Clearly, the continuation of high birth rates in developing countries will further destabilize populations—and, in an age where the…

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