The United Nations Human Rights Essay

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The United Nations Human Rights Committee was founded to be an international front to combat human rights violations across the world. However, the effectiveness of its presence in international law is debatable. To understand its effectiveness Human Rights must be defined. Human Rights are “Rights possessed by humans, the set of entitlements held to belong to every person as a condition of being human.”. The Oxford English Dictionary gives the best definition as rights that belong to every person, because they are a person. That means that rights that are available to some are applicable to all, without delay, without objection. This is not the case with the Human Rights Committee. They lack the power necessary to enforce their findings upon nations across the world. The reasoning for this is that no state is under direct obligation to the Human Rights Committee as will be discussed later on. In addition to this, the Committee is slow on reaching their verdicts and as a result justice, if ever accepted by the states, is not served till years later. This paper will be structured out in a fashion as to discuss the lack of authority held by the Human Rights Committee then further addressing its dependence upon others to function as a governing body. The later part of the paper will focus on presented counter arguments, and how they are addressed. The Human Rights Committee must be addressed because its ineffectiveness is a detriment to all of the world, and rather than…

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