The United Nations And Its Effect On South Africa Essay

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In November 1962, the United Nations operated a non-binding resolution established against Apartheid and called for imposing economic and other sanctions on South Africa. This specific resolution was operated by the General Assembly of the United Nations and was established by the United Nations Special Committee. This resolution was labeled as the “Resolution 1761”.Without any surprise all western countries had rejected this call for sanctions and were very unhappy which led them to later on boycott the committee. Following this passage of this resolution in April 1964,the UK-based Anti-Apartheid Movement initiated preparations to take place in London, for an international conference targeting the sanctions of SA. Yet again the strongest rejections to the applications came from the west such as Britain and America. The conference though later on was couldn’t succeed in their aim. Supporting the sanctions from Britians point of view, would conflict their national interests as Britain was quiet strong in SA in terms of its investment in gold and diamond, so Britain to conclude rather chose to remain firm in its view that the dissimulation of the economic sanctions would potentially be unconstitutional and would not change anything. However, The Anti-Apartheid movement (AAM) later on once again tried to bring justice to the society of South Africa due its struggle with the apartheid system by making sanctions an issue in the general elections of 1964.During the election,…

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