The United Kingdom 's Educational System Essay

1882 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 null Page
In the worldwide phenomenon that is the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling slips in an analysis of the muggle world. Rowling makes a strong commentary about the importance of educational support. Most wizards learn in different ways: through positive reinforcement, from reading books or they simply have raw talent. This is very similar to the real world and how students learn in classrooms all across America and in England. While Rowling is most likely making comments on the condition of the United Kingdom 's Educational System, this essay will focus mainly on the recognizable similarities in the United States of America. The issue Rowling brings to the forefront here is that some teachers do not recognize that each individual student learns in a different way. The wizarding education system is very similar to the American education system. Wizards have good professors and bad professors just like in the United States of America. The teachers at Hogwarts are excellent examples of the stereotypical types of teachers in the muggle world. Anyone who has been through the American educational system would agree that there was at least one teacher they could not stand and one teacher they absolutely loved. This is not because of the kind of person or wizard the teacher is, but because of the clash of teaching style and the students personal learning style. In the wizarding world most professors at Hogwarts have a trial and error based method of teaching. Some students learn very…

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